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Diseases of skin are becoming increasingly common. The pattern of skin diseases in India is influenced by various factors like- the developing economy, level of literacy, social backwardness, varied climate, and industrialization, access to primary health care, and different religious ritual and cultural factors.

The prevalence of skin disease in India is 10 to 12 percent of the total population with Eczema and Psoriasis being the major contributors. The prevalence of the disease is Acne or pimples (14%), Eczema (8%), Non-specific infections (11%), Hyper pigmentation (7%) and Alopecia (9%).Other complications like dermatitis (5%), Burns (2%), Dandruff (4%), Scabies (5%), Allergy (6%), Ichtyosis (4%), Phrynoderma (3%), Folliculitis (2%), Psoriasis (6%), Vitiligo (3%), H. Zoster (2%), Flup cox (5%), Seborrheic dermatitis (5%), Scleroderma (2%), Milaria (2%), Comedous (2%), Atopic dermatitis (2%), Intertrigo (5%), Urticaria (3%), Dermatophytosis (2%). Only 1% prevalence is found for each of the skin complications like Angioderma, Hypersensitivity, Vaginitis, Erythrokeratoderma, Fishila T V, Erythema, Handsens diseases, Ergenia, Palmar exfoliation and Melasma are prevalent in less than 1% patients (Due to pollution, ultraviolet light, and global warming, photosensitive skin disorders like tanning, pigment darkening, sunburn, skin cancers, and infectious diseases are increasing at a faster pace. A one percent reduction in ozone leads to a two to four percent increase in the incidence of tumors. With changing disease paradigm, we have introduced a unique product range in Trichology, Melasma and skin rejuvenation.

The ecosystem for skin care treatment is witnessing a great change in demand patterns. Gone are the days, when skin care was limited to treatment of common skin ailments. The emergence of cosmetic and anti-aging treatments has changed the face of the skin care industry. The number of these cosmetic procedures is expected to reach 18 to 20 lakhs by 2015 in India. In 2013, with a prevalence rate of 10%, the population affected across India from skin disease is estimated at nearly 15.1 crore. It is estimated that at a CAGR of 12% about 20.8 crore people is likely to suffer from skin disease by 2017″.

Skin diseases also pose huge financial, a psychological burden for the patients and their families. Improvement in the standard of living, education of the general public, improvement in the environmental sanitation, and good nutritious food may help us to bring down the skin diseases in this area. Therefore, prevention by identifying the risk factor is the most effective approach.

India is witnessing an upsurge in the beauty and wellness market, which can be attributed to increasing awareness and willingness to spend on newer therapies. This has inspired us to bring matchless product range that stands premium. A careful selection of these products has placed us in a different league among our competitors.

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