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Portfolio expansion & Diversification

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), with its high prevalence, morbidity and mortality, is an important public health problem. With <3% of land mass, India hosts 17% of the Earth’s population. Large numbers of patients below the poverty line, low gross domestic product, and low monetary allocations for health care have led to suboptimal outcomes. Moreover, CKD and other non-communicable diseases have often been ignored in the face of persistent challenges due to competition for resources of communicable diseases and high infant and maternal mortality.

The reported prevalence of CKD in different regions ranges from <1% to 13%, and recently, data from the International Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Disease Data Centre Study reported a prevalence of 17%. The etiology of CKD varies considerably throughout India.

Nephrology has been our first therapy segment that gave recognition to Alniche. With over decade of our existence, we have covered all stages CKD with focussed brands. Apart from our product range in dialysis, transplant and renal medicines, we have unique renal nutrition products. This has placed us one among the top five Indian Nephrology companies.

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