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Newer therapies for changing disease pattern

The current practice of critical care in India is a matter of as much diversity as the country itself. The care in Indian ICUs has evolved from cardiac to multi-system diseases. The number of ICU beds available is disproportionately low, both in private as well as public hospitals. Obtaining a bed in ICU is quite often difficult for critically ill patients. Owing to shortage of ICU beds, only the most critical of the deserving patients are provided ICU care, that could contribute to high mortality inside the ICU as well as outside the ICU (in the wards). There appears a strong need to increase the ICU beds to at least 10% of total beds in all hospitals; and even upto 15-20% in some leading public as well as private tertiary care centers.

There are three types of hospitals in India that are delivering patient care in India.

Community hospitals are mostly run by the government. There are currently about 200 medical colleges with hospitals attached to them in India. Additionally, there are more than 1000 district hospitals.

Private tertiary care hospitals are managed by societies, trusts or companies. As per the current estimation, 85% of patients are self-paying. ICUs in private tertiary care hospitals are usually very well equipped and thus form the most major contributor to the critical care facilities in the country, albeit at a higher cost to the patient.

Finally, an interesting segment of health care facilities in India consists of small hospitals or nursing homes. Modestly equipped, and managed mostly by medical professionals themselves, these are realities representing the vast middle and lower classes, and they contribute about 40% of available beds for the country.

The need and the viability of facilities for critical care are being acknowledged by this segment, and currently the facilities are on the upswing.

With our focus of bringing unique products at affordable price, Alniche expands its portfolio in critical care segment. This is a logical extension of Nephrology segment as we are already recognised in hospitals and its critical care unit.

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