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With the changing paradigm of healthcare in India and efforts of our government to provide best healthcare to masses, many international companies are planning to enter India to capitalize on this immense market.

Our team is well sensitized to the current & future market needs with a critical vision.
In Alniche, we aggressively scan the market in association with our strategic team to associate with innovator companies having novel products/technology and willing to expand their horizon. Our team members are capable of understanding the market, therapy gaps, and strategic fit of products to formulate a holistic business plan.

Alniche has collaborated with Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research University (DPSRU), in pursuit of researching differentiated products with novel delivery platform & dosage forms. This will help us to commercialize products that are required for specifically for Indian patients at affordable prices.

In addition, Alniche has funded a consortium to recognize and award young researchers who would bring out new concepts and products fulfilling the specific needs of Indian population. Two annual awards (Jvalat and Vijayin) are instituted for this cause.

We have collaborated with
Global healthcare organizations

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We welcome Global healthcare organizations to collaborate in our effort to successfully serve the Indian masses with affordable medicines.

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