Topniche (Tolperisone) is an oral, centrally acting muscle relaxant. Its precise mechanism is not completely understood, though it blocks sodium and calcium channels. It possesses a high affinity for nervous system tissue, reaching highest concentrations in brain stem, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Based on existing clinical data, Tolperisone is not sedating and does not interact with alcohol.

Therapy Area: Muscle Relaxant
Form: Sustained Release Tablet
Packaging: 10x10Tablet


Tolperisone 150/450mg


Tolperisone inhibits sodium channels and has N-type calcium channel blocking activity. It is a specific inhibitor of the monosynaptic reflexes and only partially inhibits the polysynaptic reflexes. inhibits action potential propagation on both in myelinated A- and in unmyelinated C-fibers and causes depression of all dorsal root stimulation-evoked ventral root potentials. Tolperisone has specific inhibitory effect on use-independent sodium channels connected to pain, which is a significant difference compared to lidocaine’s effect on sodium channels.


  • Periarthritis
  • Post cerebral Stroke Spasticity
  • Lower Back Pain Syndrome
  • Painful Reflex Muscle Spasm


Adult: 50mg three times a day

Children: 5 – 10mg/kg/day, in three divided doses


This information is for registered medical practitioner only. Anyone other than medical practitioner should consult medical practitioner before using this product.

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