Calcium Polystyrene Sulfonate

K-Stall is used to help remove excessive amounts of potassium from the blood.

K-Stall contains calcium polystyrene sulfonate which contains calcium atoms. This calcium is swapped for potassium in the body, particularly in the large intestine. K-Stall acts by a cumulative process throughout the gastrointestinal tract, removing potassium ions which are excreted in the feces. K-Stall does not enter the bloodstream from the intestine.


Therapy Area: Renal Medicine
Form: Sachet
Packaging: 1X10


Calcium Polystyrene Sulfonate 15gm


Polystyrene sulfonates in K-Stall release sodium or calcium ions in the stomach in exchange for hydrogen ions. When the resin reaches the large intestine the hydrogen ions are exchanged for free potassium ions; the resin is then eliminated in the feces. The net effect is lowering the amount of potassium available for absorption into the blood and increasing the amount that is excreted via the faces


  • Hyperkalemia


15 g once daily or q6-12h


This information is for registered medical practitioner only. Anyone other than medical practitioner should consult medical practitioner before using this product.

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