Glutaup (Glutathione) is a tripeptide comprised of the amino acids L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid and glycine. At the cellular level glutathione functions as a water-soluble antioxidant and is directly involved in specific detoxification reactions that protect the body against various dangerous substances. Glutathione, the most abundant cellular thiol, provides the major antioxidant defense mechanism in all mammalian cells by neutralizing toxic peroxides (e.g. hydrogen peroxide formed from oxygen metabolism). Glutathione is known to be consumed more rapidly, and depleted, upon ingestion of certain medications and environmental toxins.

Therapy Area: Nutrition (Antioxidant)
Form: Sachets, Tablet, Lozenge
Packaging: 1 X 2g, 1X10’s and 1X10’s


GLUTAUP TABLET- Glutathione 500mg tab
GLUTAUP SACHETS/LOZENGES- L Glutathione 500mg+ L Cysteine 500mg+ Vitamin C 40mg+ Selenium Yeast 55mcg


Glutathione– Detoxification of Liver. Aside from deactivating radicals and reactive oxidants, glutathione participates in thiol protection and redox regulation of cellular thiol proteins under oxidative stress by protein S-glutathionylation, a redox-regulated post-translational thiol modification.

Cysteine– Precursor of the glutathione and also promotes normal liver detoxification.

Selenium- It increase Antioxidant activity and increase the repair of DNA damage

Vit C– Collagen Synthesis
– Acts as an Antioxidant
– Iron Absorption
– Promotes Immune Function
– Detoxification


  • Introduced in 1st time in India in lozenges form
  • Better bioavailability & better absorption
  • Comprehensive master antioxidant
  • Organic form of Selenium provided by Selenium yeast


  • Critically ill patients
  • Liver disorders
  • Cancer patients
  • Chronic illness
  • GI compromised patients
  • Neurodegenerative disorders


1-2 Tablets/Lozenges per day


This information is for registered medical practitioner only. Anyone other than medical practitioner should consult medical practitioner before using this product.

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