Lactitol Monohydrate & Ispaghula Husk

Digifiber is a combination of Lactitol Monohydrate and Ispaghula Husk. It is used as a first-line therapy in the management of Constipation.

Lactitol is an osmotic laxative and disaccharide analogue of lactulose. Ispaghula husk is the common name for the seed coats of the plant Plantago ovata. Ispaghula husk contains dietary fibre, which when mixed with water forms a gel-like mass that works as a mild laxative. It improves stool consistency and reduces uremic toxins in blood.

Digifiber is empowered with Dose–Balanced Formulation (DBF) technology which enables the equi-distribution of Lactitol and Ispaghula for optimum dosage.

Therapy Area: Renal Medicine
Form: Granules
Packaging: 180 gm


Lactitol Monohydrate 10 gm + Ispaghula Husk 3.5 gm


Lactitol exerts its pharmacologic effect by creating a hyperosmotic environment within the small intestine. The osmotic effect generated by Lactitol draws water into the small intestine, which loosens stools and ultimately facilitates bowel movements.

On the other hand, Ispaghula is a bulk-forming laxative that makes the stools softer by increasing their water content. At the same time, Ispaghula husk lubricates the intestine which improves the transit of stools. By increasing the stool bulk, it also increases the tension in the bowel wall which will trigger bowel movements.


  • CKD Induced Constipation
  • Irregular Bowel Movements in Dialysis patients


15gm once or twice or as directed by the physician


This information is for registered medical practitioner only. Anyone other than medical practitioner should consult medical practitioner before using this product.

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