Colistimethate Sodium

The sodium salt of colistimethate, a broad-spectrum polymyxin antibiotic against most aerobic Gram-negative bacteria except Proteus bacteria. Colistimethate sodium contains the pentasodium salt of the penta(methanesulfonic acid) derivative of colistin A as the major component and a small proportion of the petasodium salt of the pentamethanesulfonate derivative of colistin B. Colistins are cyclic polypeptides produced from Bacillus colistinus or B. polymyxa and function as a surfactant which penetrates into and disrupts the bacterial cell membrane, thereby resulting in bactericidal effect.

Therapy Area: Antibiotic (Injectables)
Form: Parentral intravenous injection
Packaging: 1x1 vial


Colistimethate Sodium 1 MIU/2 MIU/ 4.5 MIU


Colistimethate is a surface active agent which penetrates into and disrupts the bacterial cell membrane. Colistimethate is polycationic and has both hydrophobic and lipophilic moieties. It interacts with the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane, changing its permeability. This effect is bactericidal. There is also evidence that polymyxins enter the cell and precipitate cytoplasmic components, primarily ribosomes.


  • Serious MDR Gram –ve bacterial infection


Adults & Adolescents : Loadng dose of 9 MIU & maintainance dose 9 MIU/day in 2-3 divided dose.


This information is for registered medical practitioner only. Anyone other than medical practitioner should consult medical practitioner before using this product.

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