Nutritive Infusion of pure crystalline amino acid

Supplemental parenteral amino acids can be used in critically ill patients to stimulate whole-body protein accretion during the initial week following ICU admission. The anabolic properties of such supplemental amino acid administration can be effectively repeated within merely a few days, still within the first week of ICU treatment. Critically-ill patients admitted to the intensive care unit are invariably catabolic and are commonly undernourished. Previous observational studies indicate that increased dietary administration of protein or essential amino acids might be associated with improved clinical outcomes.

Therapy Area: Nutrition
Form: Parentral intravenous injection
Packaging: 1x1 vial


L-histidine 45 MG+L-isoleucine 60 MG+L-leucine 90 MG+L-lysine 65 MG+L-phenylalanine 70 MG+L-threonine 65 MG+L-valine 135 MG+Methionine 90 MG+Tryptophan 25 MG+Tyrosine 75 MG


Common amino acid nutrients mainly contain glutamine, arginine, leucine, methionine and cysteine, which are not only the components participating in body protein synthesis, but also regulate the patients’ immune system and metabolism. Glutamine can improve the intestinal barrier, reduce inflammatory reaction, and promote immunity recovery. The catabolism of arginine can produce NO, promoting the inflammatory reaction, and can also generate ornithine, alleviating inflammatory reaction and promoting wound healing. Sulfur-containing amino acids methionine and cysteine can promote the synthesis of connective tissue and collagen conducive to wound healing, and their beneficial effects on lipid metabolism are of value.


  • Critically Ill patient
  • Liver Disorder
  • Post Surgery
  • Cancer
  • GI Disorder
  • Renal Disorder


Approximately 1.0 to 1.5g/kg of body weight for adult with adequate calories are generally sufficient to satisfy the protein needs.


This information is for registered medical practitioner only. Anyone other than medical practitioner should consult medical practitioner before using this product.

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