Oxiplex/AP is a unique formulation imported and marketed in India under licensing agreement with FzioMed, USA.

Oxiplex/AP is an Absorbable Adhesion Barrier gel which helps to reduce the incidence, extent, and severity of postoperative adhesions. Oxiplex/AP is a clear, single-use, flowable gel. It is intended to serve as a temporary, absorbable mechanical barrier separating surgically traumatized opposing tissue surfaces in the peritoneal cavity where adhesions could potentially form. It is supplied ready-to-use in 2, 20 mL syringes with a sterile applicator. Applying Oxiplex/AP during surgery is simple and takes only seconds. A single layer of targeted protection of traumatized tissue creates a temporary barrier during healing. Oxiplex/AP is intended to be used as an adjunct to intrauterine and peritoneal surgery for reducing the incidence, extent, and severity of postoperative adhesions at the surgical site.

Therapy Area: Adhesion Barrier Gel
Form: Gel
Packaging: PFS syringe with applicator


Carboxymethyl cellulose & Polyethylene oxide


CMC (Carboxymethyl Cellulose) adheres to tissue and form functional barrier. PEO (Polyethylene Oxide) inhibits protein interaction including fibrin. Adhesion barrier acts as a physical barrier to separate traumatized tissue surfaces so that they do not adhere to one another while the tissue surfaces heal.


  • Naturally absorbable, Ready to use, Colorless gel
  • Reduces adhesions, optimizes healing, moderates pain and symptoms
  • Efficacious, Precise and Easy application
  • Easy Convenient handling, packaging & storage
  • Exceptional safety


  • Gynecological surgeries
  • General Surgeries
  • Bariatric Surgeries
  • Transplant Surgeries

Application Procedure

Gel application

  • Achieve the hemostasis
  • Set the patient position in trendelenburg position
  • Cover all anatomical sites where adhesion prevention is desired with a single layer of gel with the thickness of approx. 2 mm by gently compressing the applicator
  • Position the gel-filled applicator by aligning the slot over a margin of the desired site
  • Sweep the applicator tip laterally over the site while depressing the syringe plunger to apply a 2mm deep ribbon of gel
  • After completely covering the site once, do not apply additional gel to that site
  • If the site is not adequately covered by a single layer of gel, additional layers can be applied next to previously applied gel
  • However, avoid applying additional layers of gel on top of one another
  • After application of OXIPLEX AP do not change position of the patient immediately for best results


This information is for registered medical practitioner only. Anyone other than medical practitioner should consult medical practitioner before using this product.

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